Artist Collaboration Platform

  • PHP
  • MySql
  • HTML, CSS & Javascript

StudioTrail is the project that I undertook for my third year final project. It is a website that acts as a platform for aspiring artists and students. It enables them to show their work in a collection with their peers. Users are able to set up their own profile to display their artwork.

They are also able to create studios and invite others to show work on that studio space whilst also being able to join other studios. Users are also given the chance to have their work displayed on the site’s home page for the monthly exhibitions which have given titles to adhere to.

StudioTrail is built mainly using CRUD operations with PHP and MySQL. All information about the different artists is stored in a MySQL database. The tables had to be relational to each other in order for relevant artwork to display on artist’s pages as well as for relevant artist’s to display in studio pages.