Love & Robots

Web Developer & UX Designer

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Three.js

I originally joined Love & Robots as an intern straight out of college in June 2015. My time as an intern was a great experience where I got to work with some incredibely talented and experienced people from a development and design backgroud. It also gave me a chance to learn a new language in Ruby on Rails and improve my Three.js skills. During this period I also got the chance to do a full UX analysis and re-design of the site which was used in the next design phase

Upon completing my internship in September I was lucky enough to get the chance to become a permenant staff member and front-end developer. During my time in this role we worked on multiple projects for new personalised jewellery. One in particular allowed a user to search for a date and location that would return a wind speed and direction. This information was then applied to a cloth like 3D mesh that a user could then pause/freeze and buy that as a piece of jewellery.

In May 2016 I became the lead developer in Love & Robots with another developer working alongside me. My role changed in that I was creating detailed timetables of work to be done as well as communicating directly with clients and other service providers about all tech-related situations.

The site also undertook a full re-design in this time. This involved me again working through a research process before going through a prototyping phase. I would work closely with the lead designer after this phase on the UI design before builiding the new site.