Irish Times Redesign

Concept Type Only Redesign

  • Mobile-first Design
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript

This re-design of the Irish Times web site was aimed to improve my use of web typography, the research aspect of my designing and the iterative process in which I design. It was a challenging exercise as I was not allowed to use images or large amounts of colour which meant that the quality of my typography was very important.

Designing this site first started by researching print techniques and observing, critiquing and comparing newspapers such as “The Irish Times”, “Le Monde”, “The New York Times” and “The Financial Times”. From here I designed a purely black and white print newspaper design but used a Bootstrap grid to design over.

I then began to employ web elements and techniques to the design (navigation, web typography principles etc.). I also added colour to the design to improve contrast between different news sections. The site was then implemented using Bootstrap 3.0 for the layout.

I also used jQuery in the site for some interactive elements such as loading different stories on the home page and for the dropdown navbar.