Design & Development Work

  • Wordpress
  • Static Sites
  • HTML, CSS & Javascript

Since I was in college I have been an active freelance web designer and developer having completed my first freelance web job in 2011. I have worked on freelance and contracted jobs as a UX and UI designer as well as a web developer.

I have always worked closely with clients to ensure that they get what they are looking for while lending my experience and know-how to advise them on how certain features csn help/hinder their web site. The most important thing to me is that the client is more than satisfied with the final project.

I have used different technologies at different times for freelance jobs depending on what is best suited to the client's site. Quite commonly I would build custom designed Wordpress web sites or static web sites depending on the job at hand.

The sites I have worked on include a wide variety of subjects from sports clubs to architect firms to gallery exhibitions. Some of the most recent sites I have worked on include Bea Healthy Nutrition, JPD Architects, and the Humans Need Not Apply Science Gallery microsite.